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Our Heritage

Skin Therapeutic began from the desire of Dr. Milton Waner to find a product that would soothe the skin of his patient's after surgery to remove facial deformities. After trying many products that didn't meet his standards, Dr. Waner and Janee Waner set out with a team of researchers in the lab of a leading children's hospital to develop their own. That determination paid off and the soothing cream the team developed worked amazingly well.  

It wasn't long before the team realized products could be developed to solve many problems that plague our skin. Skin conditions were researched, proven ingredients were put to the test and the line of Skin Therapeutic products were born. 

Our Philosophy

From the beginning, Skin Therapeutic products have been designed for one thing -  to produce results. Years of research and testing clearly showed us that the way to beautiful skin is simple with the right products. Skin Therapeutic is driven by the belief that products that exfoliate without irritation, infuse skin with rich vitamins and properly moisturize will bring radiance to even the most dull skin. This belief drives our product development and we thrive on seeing the skin of Skin Therapeutic users clean, healthy and glowing.

Our Ingredients

We wake up every day thinking about how we can help people improve their skin.  The fact that Skin Therapeutic was founded in the medical community pushes us to develop products that are medical grade and use the right amount of active ingredients to gain results.  Ingredients that earn their way into Skin Therapeutic products have been meticulously researched and selected for their proven efficacy. All of our products are at your fingertips on this website by skin type or category to help you find the results you want.



Skin Therapeutic products are formulated for skin care professionals to be used in clinics and spas.  If you are a laser clinic, medical clinic, medical spa, day spa, licensed Esthetician, Dermatologist, Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeon or other medical professional working in skin care, you can qualify for our Professional account.  Professional account status gives you access to wholesale pricing, tiered volume discounts and allows you to resell Skin Therapeutic products within your business or clinic and increase your profits.  Wholesale pricing is not published to the public, but Professional accounts are given access to wholesale pricing once their account is approved.

To apply for your Professional account call us

toll free at 800-743-3795.  





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